Our Philosophy

 Timeless is the only trend 

One thing you need to know about us is that we’re not simply a fashion brand.

You won’t find ever-changing seasonal trends here. Instead, we focus on creating products that are in line with our mission:

“To create timeless, high-quality, durable and comfortable products that carry a low environmental impact and inspire social change.”

We aim for long product life to minimize the use of the earth’s resources (and save you money). The path to sustainability we advocate, involves the manufacture of consumer goods that are made from durable vegan materials, rigorous construction and a capacity for repair by local cobblers. Accordingly, our emphasis is on timeless styles.

One of the biggest obstacles to environmental sustainability in the fashion industry is the seasonal fashion cycle, and the associated marketing pressure that is relentlessly applied to consumers – the imperative of appearing trendy and thus socially acceptable. Conform to the latest look or you’re nobody! This strategy turns the wheels of industry, generates huge profits, but it’s killing our planet.

We believe that fashion and style should be enduring, ethnic, regional and/or tailored to the individual – not the wasteful high turnover, throw-away extravaganza that is the essence of the prevailing seasonal fashion cycle.

We take pride in designing and showcasing shoes and accessories that are timeless as well as comfortable, durable and able to be worn every day.

For the products, we manufacture both in Australia and overseas, we use the best available non-leather components such as Ecolorica, Clarino and Pinatex which are better than leather in most applications and are far superior to the cheap synthetics frequently represented as vegan or vegetarian.

Brands that we buy in for resale must conform to our durability standards or genuinely embrace other credible approaches to sustainability (for example, recycling). When we stock other brands, we endeavour to certify that they align with our values and share our vision.

Our aim is to provide you with one pair of shoes when you might otherwise have gone through two, three, or four pairs. A sustainable approach that saves you money and conserves resources at the same time.

You’ll find a range of footwear fit for every occasion, including:

  • Vegan boots
  • Vegan sneakers
  • Vegan sandals
  • Vegan work shoes
  • Vegan safety shoes (steel caps)
  • Vegan hiking shoes and boots

We care about you as much as we care about the animals and this planet, so we expect that the shoes and accessories you buy from Vegan Wares will give you great satisfaction and a feeling of alignment with our values.

If you experience any difficulties with any of our products at any time, please contact us for advice.

We believe that one step at a time, our choices can lead us to the future we want to create.

“Wear your values”