Our Brands, Our Products, Our Collaborations

We take pride in designing and showcasing shoes that are timeless as well as comfortable, durable and able to be worn every day.

We care about you as much as we care about the animals and this planet, so we hope that the shoes and accessories you buy from Vegan Wares will make you happy and give you a feeling of alignment with our values.



Products under the Vegan Wares label between 1995-2020 have been made in our boutique workshop in Melbourne. This includes our hand crafted footwear which combines Ecolorica microfibre uppers with durable and repairable rubber soles, our belts that are produced at a strapping facility in Melbourne and some of our accessories. We developed this concept 25 years ago with the aim of minimizing environmental impacts by maximizing product life. Made in Australia.

*Please note that wallets under the Vegan Wares label in recent years, have been produced in India.


This is a new home brand of durable vegan footwear which comes at a cheaper price – without sacrificing quality. Using only the most durable microfibre uppers, and soles with high abrasion resistance, EcoMeko footwear is designed in Australia and made in India under the supervision of an ethical quality control agent. 


When we stock other brands we endeavour to certify that they align with our durability standards or represent other true forms of sustainability (for example, recycling). 

The brands we stock meet or exceed our strict sustainability requirements, and excel in product durability or use of recycled materials.  By wearing them you leave a much lighter environmental footprint. 

Based in UK, Ethical Wares is brand dedicated to the manufacturing of durable and comfortable footwear. Since 1993, they have been producing EU certified footwear for workers and adventure lovers. They have allowed us to provide our customer in Australia with robust Safety rated and outdoor footwear that are designed to last. Run by Mike and Denise, Ethical Wares is more than just a product business. They also fund the care of the 50 or so animals living with them – among them are goats, sheep, pigs, 2 old horses, cats, dogs, rabbits and Aunt Dotty the cow. 

For over a decade now, Vegan Wares has been working closing with Birkenstock Australia. While they might not be an entirely Vegan company, environmental protection and sustainability have long been paramount at Birkenstock. In addition to their dedication to foot health, they are sincerely committed to their sustainability values and this is reflected in their environmentally friendly operations, with the brand constantly working to improve its production processes, products, packaging and logistics. Unlike other brands who have copied Birkenstock over the years, what sets this company apart is their commitment to high quality materials and repairability of their shoes.

Lafitte is an Australian-owned fashion brand with an uncompromisable focus on quality. They have been producing high quality socks since 1986. Lafitte products are made in Australia using the best cotton, bamboo or Coomax™ fibers.

Loco is a sub-brand of Lafitte with a twist. They have the same commitment to quality and production as Lafitte but showcase bold, joyful colours and designs.

D&T products are handcrafted by in Australia with each individual product using the highest grade organic ingredients. Made with locally sourced ingredients, D&T range is 100% vegan, organic, natural and certified cruelty free.

BK&LP has a passion to create sustainable fashion options for Australians, with proceeds supporting charity. Basic, beautiful designs that delight everyone with sustainable philosophy. BK&LP are dedicated to using improved manufacturing processes, to show larger companies that buyers will support and love these products that are made sustainably, just as much as what is on offer at the moment. Their products that are made from recycled materials, using the cleanest and least wasteful printing methods. In the absence of recycled materials BK&LP use a sustainable option such as bamboo or abs plastic (reusable and fast breakdown).