Walking Shoes – our selection

We’d like to introduce you to our range of walking shoes created to suit your everyday needs.

We make a selection of off road shoes suitable for hiking, locally made in our Collingwood workshop, like the Flinders hiking shoe or the Fred IV (robusta). They can be used for walking on dirt tracks, through the bush and other forms of hiking. And of course they can be used for urban walking.  Special features of our hiking shoes include the Vibram hiking outsole, padded collar, and the innersole is made from rebound urethane, meaning it always returns to its original shape.

Also from our Melbourne-made range are urban walking shoes including Fred (mule) pictured 5th from the left and South (silver) pictured 2nd & 7th from the left in the photo below. These are designed specifically for walking long distances in urban areas.

walking shoes 3b

The Long Walk and Follow are from our International collection, designed in Melbourne and made in our Chennai workshop in India. These are ideal for walking long distances on pavements, or standing for hours on end.  Special features include low heel inclination, innersoles made from rebound urethane and padded collar.

Happy walking!

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