This One Not About Shoes, But Food

We normally post about sustainable, cruelty-free footwear or anything related to it but as we were impressed by Bill Gates’ article in the new magazine Thrive, we had to post about it.

In his article titled ‘Future of Food’, Bill Gates talks about producing food for a sustainable future. Raising animals for meat and dairy is very land, water and greenhouse gas intensive. The demand for animal proteins is rising and producing meat to keep up with the demand is clearly not sustainable but destructive for our planet.


That’s why Bill Gates believes the future of food is plant-based alternatives and has even invested in a company called Beyond Meat whose mission is to replace animal protein with plant protein. (The food photo above is a Vegan Chicken Taco Salad by Beyond Meat)

These days there are a number of companies  producing vegan food products and it’s great to see many of them becoming more mainstream like Fry’sHampton Creek FoodsVegustoSyndianVBites and many more.

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